Forever Dark Dreams

by Mornië Utúlië



All music & lyrics: Bartosz "Acheron" Brożek


released May 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Mornië Utúlië Rzeszow, Poland

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Track Name: Return from the Stars
And I watch my return from the stars in my deepest dreams so cold and calm. I drown in the waves of distant horizons, between dim light I wander northwards. Through the graceful, blurry night I seek a beauty of my forgotten lands. I remember frozen lakes, great mountains, cold and grim shadowlands, where I could rest in darkness away from sunlight and no eyes could see. Beyond space I travel, where warm light cannot reach, and beyond time, for eternities long... to find my lands.

In dreams I am deeply set, I watch my return from the stars, thus I long for my lands, my restful lands…
Track Name: From the Depths
A dream I had
And ghost I saw
Pale face, blackened robe
In rain he lamented
"From the depths I come and I wish to breathe
To glimpse one moment of my past
Thus all I feel and all I see is silent shadow dimming my light.
So quietly I'm falling
Into the void, towards unlight
Closed are my eyes and they cry
When solitude tears my blackened heart"
Was it I travelling for eternities
Through the unknown, lifeless lights?
Track Name: Forever Dark Dreams
Dense fog
Eerie night
Dark times
Now and forever

A granted gift to see
Their grief

I see through them
I reach beyond…

In the depths
Of hearts
Forever dark dreams

Wherever I am
Penetrating coldness
Bleeding minds

I reach further to see
Something worse than

I hold my head high
While entering their darkest dreams